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Introducing Logical Technology

Apr 30
5:45 am
Most business owners and operators understand that they need tech support, but getting the right support for your business can still feel like a struggle.
Logivision has been in this game for a while, and we like to provide a different approach. With the simple goal of helping business owners, executives, and leaders understand what’s going on with technology, we craft solutions that allow businesses to focus on their strengths.

It all started with fixing computers

Over a decade ago, Logivision started with a simple premise. We fixed computers. As demand rose, we expanded the service to fix more devices, but it didn’t take long to notice a trend.

By the time customers needed us, it was already too late. Sure, many devices can be fixed, but in the world of computers, a failing device needs to be replaced as often as it gets repaired.

Alongside that, by the time your hardware fails, you have probably already lost data. By the time your network goes down, you are already losing business.

Simply put, customers needed more from us, so we thought about how to offer more, and our focus shifted over the period of about a year and a half. While we still fix broken devices to this day, we invested more time, energy, and planning into prevention.

An evolution of technology

The simple ideological shift came at just the right time. After all, technology has changed a lot in the last decade. We had to change with it, and as we evolved, we helped our customers grow and change too.

It’s interesting to look back. In the 2010s, many businesses needed technology solutions, but they probably only had a handful of options. Today, any problem has dozens of solutions, and the differences in those options can prove very subtle.

The simple fact is that almost every modern business is wholly reliant on technology. If your internet service goes down, can you even process transactions? Technology is essential, and that holds true in multiple facets for even the simplest business models

While we still aim to prevent problems, providing knowledge sits at the core of success. We provide IT expertise so businesses can focus on their own strengths, and together, we can find widespread success.

The modern landscape

What does that really look like? We can ply you with buzzwords and common terminology, but in the end, modern IT support comes in services, and every service provider has their own take.

At Logivision, we want to arm our customers with education. We want to provide comprehensive services that meet every need, and we want to do it as efficiently as possible.

We try to minimize subscriptions and service fees, allowing you to build up your infrastructure and support without drawing in monthly payments. 

It’s a different approach, but you’ll find it does the job well.

Particularly, we boil all of this into four pillars of service, IT management, cyber security, surveillance, and connectivity.

Managed IT

Our first pillar of service is known as managed IT. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, this is a service style where an independent IT company handles your IT needs for you. It’s more than just providing manpower. The goal is to help you from the first planning stages all the way through the execution of your IT strategy.

At Logivision, we really want to eliminate your IT headaches. We do that by partnering with you. It starts with a free consultation where we get to know you and your business practices. From there, we can make recommendations, and together, we can craft an IT plan with you.

When you like the plan, we execute the strategy. If you have internal IT resources, we’ll divide responsibilities with them. If you don’t, we can handle 100 percent of your IT needs.

Either way, you get robust IT support that plans for the future, prevents all of the common problems, protects your business, and arms you with the tools to pursue greater success.

Cyber Risk Management

Managed IT covers the essentials, but cybersecurity requires special attention. Ransomware and other malicious attacks threaten every business. We’ve seen businesses struggle to recover from ransoms that soar well into six-digit territory, and such attacks can cripple your daily operations.

Additionally, businesses often face compliance and certification requirements from the government at different levels. We bring expertise to the table that ensures you meet those requirements.

To give you the best in cyber risk management, we break this pillar of service into a group of specialties— all available from a single service agreement:

  • Information security
  • Business continuity
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Employee training
  • Third-party risk management
  • Incident response
  • Audit
  • Documentation and reports

You can see how this approach covers all of your bases, giving you lasting, thorough protection.

Surveillance Systems

While cyber security can never be taken lightly, it’s not the only form of security that matters. Physical security also impacts your business, and we help with that too.

We provide surveillance services where we plan surveillance systems and install them. We can set you up with cameras, NVRs, viewing monitors, battery backups, and smartphone apps to control it all.

Yet, none of that comes with subscriptions. You can run surveillance, manage backups, and keep everything connected from an app controller with no additional subscriptions. We build the infrastructure so that you don’t have to constantly pour more money into it.

Cell Boosters

The final pillar of service improves your internet access and connectivity. Cellular slows spots and dead zones still plague many areas, and we can help. With cell boosters, we can bring strong, fast, reliable service to entire buildings.

We offer this service risk-free, guaranteeing that you get the performance you need. With better coverage, you can reduce battery and power consumption and build infrastructure that gives your business the communication capabilities that it needs.

Yet again, we can do this without monthly subscriptions or fees.

Logical Technology 

It's important to recognize that navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology can feel overwhelming. However, it's crucial for those in business to understand that they're not alone in this journey. Everyone is striving to keep pace with the rapid advancements in technology that shape today's world. Our purpose and goal with our new podcast, Logical Technology, is to educate and bridge the gap between where businesses currently stand in the tech space and where they need to be.

Education is at the forefront of our approach because informed decision-making is key to success in the modern business environment. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or topics you'd like to learn more about at Together, let's embrace the opportunities that technology presents and navigate this journey towards success.

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